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Tonto Fumes As Pilgrims Body Denies New Role Claim


Nollywood actress and brand influencer, Tonto Dikeh has reacted to the refutation of her claim of being appointed an envoy of the Nigerian Christian Pilgrims Commission, NCPC.

Hours, after she had gone to her Instagram page to announce her appointment, with a picture of her standing beside the executive secretary of the commission, Rev. Yakubu Pam, the commission, came out to refute the claim.

Ms. Dikeh, the divorced wife of Olakunle Churchill had said:

Her announcement had drawn negative reactions from some people especially on twitter. That is despite her spate of good works. She had also recently announced that she would no longer wear dresses that expose her unnecessarily.

However, not long after the ‘appointment’ went viral, the NCPC came out with a statement asserting that though she visited and had discussions with the commission, but that her narration was not a complete reflection of what was discussed.

Rev. Pam said that Ms. Dikeh had expressed her desire to partner with the commission in the area of peacebuilding and that she was not appointed an Ambassador.

Following the refutation, Ms. Tonto Dikeh responded with equanimity that even if she has video evidence that she would prefer not lie on anyone, less the pilgrims commission of the federation. She said she would rather walk away.

She said:

“My name is King Tonto Dikeh! Best believe I will never lie on a human being talk more of a Commission of a Federation.

“I will only simply say this life we all know what can go wrong in 1sec. but we moveeee… There are video proofs, but I would Rather respect the commission’s decision And take the Fall.

“Coming from a place of leadership and peace I wouldn’t fight this but I will walk away with my head held high and grow above it. Thanks to every Christian body that fought against this Growth.

Ms. Tonto’s decision to walk away from the controversy of the ambassadorship appointment is bound to win her plaudits after she also walked away from the controversy when her former husband opened up to the fact that he had married his former personal assistant, Rosy Meurer, after the couple had denied her claim of a relationship while he was married to Churchil.

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