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The Reality Of Life After Graduation


Life after graduation is not easy. Whether you studied a professional or non–professional course, you will suffer after school, but those that studied professional courses has a better chance of securing job in the labour market.
I repeat, life after school is not easy. This is not Nollywood. What you see on Nollywood is rare in reality.

While on campus, you can discover your gift and work hard to avoid suffering after school. Don’t depend on people but rely on God. Hustle as a student, do business, organize campus fellowship to win souls, contest elections. Just engage in something that brings money because when you go broke, nobody will help you.

Academics won’t give you money. It is better to try something and fail than not trying at all. If you contest election and lose, it teaches you something which political science cannot teach you. People are hungry, so they don’t care about your manifesto or vision, if you don’t help them financially, you will lose election or anything you are fighting for

Don’t wear expensive clothes to impress people because nobody really care about your appearance. You can use the money for expensive clothes to better your life. You don’t need to be buying plenty clothes, you can manage the little you have, iron it and wear.

Learn from your father’s mistakes, don’t associate with people that never liked your father. If they never liked your father, they can never like you.

Don’t allow yourself to be used without a reward. Before David accepted to kill goliath, he asked the people what shall be done for the man who kills Goliath. David wanted to make sure there is a reward before accepting the task.

If I mistakenly accept a job that doesn’t fetch money, I instantly lose interest in that job and I won’t put my energy in such useless Job.


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