We have dealt with this issue again and again and my position is clear that there is no juju power that all power that promotes the good of people is from the Lord. We are the one who differentiate one power from another.

And, let me make it clear.that, even the power satan is using was given to him by God because ‘the gift and calling of God is without repentance’, which means, after God has given someone a kind of power, grace or anointing, He will not retrieve it back. But, He can corrupt it in the hand of whoever is in control whose decision is to use such power for selfish and negative purposes.

That was what God did to Lucifer who had the power of God before he became satan.

Satan only began to pervert the power God has given him to do his own bidding. And, God is not happy with him and anyone who uses the power of God to do evil.

So, whenever and whwrever a power is deployed for the good of humanity, it is the ‘finger of God’ at work.

So, it’s only people who have been indoctrinated and manipulated by religion to think inside the box that will condemn African science as evil, fetish and diabolic particuarly when it comes to military prowess to save the lives and properties of God’s people.

And, who are the God people that we are talking about? God’s people are all human beings created by God who are cut across every religion of the world. God loves even sinners because ‘a sinner is a malfunctioning saint’ who God is still waiting patiently to save at one time on the other.

Let me say categorically that what many of us have refused to know and accept is that God is neither a Christian nor a Muslim. God is a King who loves His people and can use any means to express His love to them by protecting, preserving and providing for them at all times.

When Moses’ rod swallowed the rods of the magicians in Egypt, did Moses and, by extension, God use fetish? What was the difference between the snakes produced by the rod of Moses and the one produced by the rods of the Egyptian magicians? Both of the produced snakes, but it was the missions of the snakes that were different and that was what differentiate them from being good or bad. Moses snake had mind to do good by setting God’s people free from the oppressive bondage of Pharaoh while the other had mind to do evil by keeping God’s people under bondage for eternity.

And, if we say it was juju that Sunday Igboho used, I don’t think any race has monopoly of juju. There is American juju, Britain juju, France juju, Germany juju, Canadian juju, Arab juju, Israel juju, etc. We have Egba juju, Ijebu juju, Ibadan juju, Ekiti juju, Òkèògùn juju. In Òkèògùn, we have Saki juju, Ìséyìn juju, Okeho juju, Ofiki juju, Ijio juju, Otu juju, Igbeti juju, Kiss juju, etc.

All the towns have their different juju. I learnt of one man in those days called Amúnimàdàá who was serving as the sole security man for three towns Ìlerò, Òtu and Òkákà. I also knew of a man in Osun State who was securing Ìkìrun, Obaàgùn and other neighbouring towns. Now, was such power used by the two security men I have just mentioned evil, diabolical and fetish or they we’re using the finger of God?

I also learnt about one Abbey in Otu in those days who killed armed robbers with his Hunter’s power when they came to attack him? Many of the security people we employment to secure us as Christians and Muslims, which power do we know they are using?

Recently, the armed robbers who came to Òkehò were resisted, arrested and killed by the vigilante people and those people we refer to as miscreants in our towns. The power they used, was it evil, fetish and diabolical or it was the ‘finger of God’?

Why should we refer to one as science or technology, but refer to another as juju? Why should we refer to Moses rod that parted the red sea, brought out water out of the rock as the finger of God; why should we refer to the Israelis seven rounds movement that collapsed the Jericho wall as the finger of God; why should we refer to anointing oil, prayer water and handkerchief that heals sicknesses without any empirical scientific explanations as the finger of God, but call what Sunday Igboho did as fetish, diabolic and evil? Are we being consistent in our thinking at all? Will Jesus call the rescue mission of Sunday Igboho a bad name if He were here on earth?

Honestly, we are too religious and religion is the opium of the people. The word opium is something that can stupefy or numb the brain. It’s like a sedative that can serve as a sleeping drug. It’s an alkaline substance that contains morphine and codeine. Religion makes people to sleep and unable to think outside the box. No wonder Paul, one of the greatest scholars, described a religionist as ‘ever learning, but never come to the knowledge of the truth and having the form of godliness, but deny the power thereof’.

Honestly, I don’t know what to say again. We can accept AK 47, Machine guns, Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles, Nuclear weapons, Chemical weapons and Biological weapons as science and technological equipments for warfare, but we can’t accept all the African sciences and technologies that have been used to wrought many exploits at warfronts as weapons of warfares. Who has made us like this for God’s sake?

What inconsistency? What hypocrisy? That means we have condemned ourselves and all our products by ourselves. I can understand that the white and other races don’t accept us and what we are producing; but, why should we condemn ourselves and conclude that nothing good can come out from us? That I seem not to understand and, to me, it’s the most unreasonable and unwise position to maintain.

They are condemning me, yet I’m adding salt unto injury by condemning myself! What!

Look at India, they accept their culture, custom, ethics, values, fashion, language, philosophy, science, technology, lifestyle, etc. The same with other races, but Nigerians prefer everything Oyibo, but reject their own; and, believe me, that is why we are where we are till today.

When people see you using black soap, sheabutter, camwood, herbs, roots, and other local stuffs, suspicion will form in their minds that you are fetish, evil and diabolic.

Again, who has made us like this for God’s sake?

I met a pharmacy who told me that if a sickness is prevalent in a place, the herbs and roots to cure such sickness will be within the vicinity. But, do we believe in what God has given us and what we produce? Do we believe in ourselves?

I heard on the radio recently about a bird that the Yoruba call ‘èlúùlu’ that, apart from its popular power to influence rain that we have known it with, it also has the power to use a particular leave to heal blindness. It was mentioned by one hunter from Saki on the radio few days ago. He said if a hunter carries the young ‘èlúùlu’ and blind their eyes before the mother comes back from where it goes to look for food. On coming back, the mother will go and look for a particular leave to heal the blindness instantly. He said, if such leave is applied to any type of human blindness it will cure it.

Lastly, let me add that Africa depends largely on oral tradition to preserve their intellectual property including scientific and technological property. And, permit me to say that that was how the Bible was preserved before it was documented.

In fact, the intention of God was not that the Bible should be documented in stones, leaves, animal skins before papers and now onlines, the original intention of God is to have His Words resident in the hearts of men. Now, assume we have the Word of God in our hearts, how are we going to be using it? Will it not be through reciting it through our mouths? If we are reciting through our mouths, is it not going to be like we are making incantation?

Now, relate what I have just said with the instruction of God to Joshua when he was advised that the book of the law should not depart from his mouth, but he should mediate in it day and night and observe to do what was written in it if he wanted to prosper and have good success.

So, the Wordings of Psalms in the mouth of a believer will sound like incantation. Isn’t it? Àyángásí olóògùn, b’ówó mi bá te Sáàmù!

Now, if you have followed my line of thought thus far, my next question is, was it God who created the blackman? Or, does the blackman have another God other than the same God who created the other races?

If it was the same God who created all races including the blacks, my next question is, were there black people before Jesus and Mohammed came to earth and did this God give the black people wisdom to handle their affairs before these prophets?

Let me narrow it down to the issue at stake, were the black people fighting wars before Jesus and Mohammed? What were they using to fight their wars?

When I talk like this, someone will now be wondering whether I’m a pastor or not! Is that amazing? Should being a pastor make me to suspend my mind when the Bible tells me that nothing can be done without my mind? Anyway, the target of every religion is for people to suspend their minds which was and is not the target of Jesus. Many Christians and Muslims have suspended or removed their minds to embrace religion that they don’t even understand the intentions and principles of God again.

I love Jesus so much and I respect Him because He used His mind to deal with the religious people of His days. Jesus came to give us a Kingdom mentality; but, unfortunately, many people don’t accept the kingdom mentality He has brought and they have stayed glued to religious mentality like the Pharisees, Sadducees and the other religious people of His days who thought they were upholding the laws of Moses without knowing that a greater than Moses was with them.

Like many of us are, today, questioning the authority of the power of Sunday Igboho, the Pharisees and Sadducees were questioning the authority behind the power of Jesus. At a time, they said He was using Beelzebub to heal the sick, open blind eyes, cast out demons and raise the dead. But, He told them, it was the ‘finger of God’ at work in His ministry.

Now, my question is, did Jesus frowned at other people who used the ‘finger of God’ to perform miracles in His days? No, He encouraged them as long as they were doing it in His Name to glorify God.

My second question, as I wind up is, is the ‘finger of God’ an exclusive prerogative of the Israelites alone? Don’t we have the ‘finger of God’ at work in other places of the earth including Africa? If we consider that everything Oyibo has manufactured to solve the problems of humanity, at one time or another, as the ‘finger of God’, why should we tag what Sunday Igboho has done as ‘evil, fetish and diabolic’.

Permit me to say that I fault that thought and belief-system because it is inconsistent, bias, prejudicial, racist, xenophobic and ungodly.

Thank you.

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