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Saraki Is The Most Experienced PDP Candidate – Delegates


The Ex President of the Nigerian Senate. Dr. Bukola Saraki has been described as the most experienced PDP aspirant by a section of PDP delegates.

Dr Saraki’s experience with both the legislative and executive arm of Government has been touted as the most diverse track record in the PDP line up.

Dr Saraki started his political career at 37 when he was appointed as a Special Adviser to President Obasanjo on Budget, before going on to Govern Kwara state, heading the Nigerian Governor’s forum and then representing Kwara Central in the Senate.

Dr. Saraki went on to be elected into the Nigerian Senate and became the President of the Nigerian Senate in his second term. As President of the Senate he was involved in the passage of ground breaking bills like the Petroleum Industry Governance bill.

The PDP Presidential aspirant queue is deeply experienced with a former Vice President, Sitting and Ex Governors all aspiring to win the party’s ticket for next years’s general election, but none of the front runners has gained both legislative and executive experience despite being the youngest aspirant.

Several media reports have indicated that More delegates have settled for a younger candidate that can be the bridge builder between the young and old and the North and South because of the divisive rhetorics involved in 2023 elections.

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