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Pandemonium: Church members chased pastor out of the church


There was a mild drama as members of Congregation of NKST Church Achusa in Makurdi, Benue State, gave their resident Pastor a shock valentine treatment on Sunday as they asked him to vacate his seat and leave the church.

The warring church members also stopped the embattled pastor from conducting service.

Worshippers, who turn out service, were stranded as the warring factions put the church under lock and key.

When our correspondent visited the church located in one of the new lay out in Makurdi , worshippers were seen milling around the gate which was locked up by warring members.

There was however uneasy calm as the pastor and his supporters were adamant, saying he will stay put.

NKST is a predominantly Tiv church with its synod headquarters in Mkar, Gboko .

It was gathered that some members of the church have accused the resident pastor of some strange doctrine and want him removed.

But under the NKST church rules, only the Synod in Mkar, Gboko can sanction a resident pastor .

As at press time, there was tension within the church premises as the crisis continues.

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