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Olisa Metuh Criticizes Arthur Eze Over Obi Comments


Olisa Metuh former PDP National Publicity secretary has hit back at Arthur Eze over his comment on HE Peter Obi.

In a Facebook post, the former PDP Chieftain lampooneed the Anambra born Billionaire over his anti Obi comments.

Read below…

My dear Prince,

God has blessed you for decades, you have acquired untold riches and unimaginable wealth. Calm down and do not allow political punditry to lead you to infamy and public opprobrium.

Some of us are now non-partisan and will no longer make public comments on our political choices but then, we are not expected to make certain categorical statements. For indeed, no man is God and no man should attempt to play the Almighty role.

In 2008, I was rejected by all the Anambra power brokers and yet won my election as National Vice-Chairman of Pdp. In 2012, every major political powerhouse in Anambra fought me and I still won and became the National Publicity Secretary. In the 2013 repeat convention, they ganged up and even attempted to use the court to stop me but God still gave me victory at the convention ground .

This year, they said he has no structure, they said he has no money, they said he’s not known outside of Anambra State; now, they say he has no crowd in his rallies.

I do not know who will win the 2023 elections but it will definitely not be determined by the usual political crowd who are paid to attend rallies. Check your family, check your domestic staff, check those gainfully employed and fully engaged in public and private employs; they do not attend rallies but they will surely vote. Let the candidates focus on voters not professional rally attendees.

Finally, please let all the mini Amadioha’s in our land campaign for their candidates and leave that poor man alone.

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