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Seyi Makinde is the Face of PDP in Southwest, Respect Him- Arapaja Blasts Ayo Fayose


The former Deputy of oyo State Taofeek Arapaja, has told former Ekiti Governor Ayo Fayose to respect the leaders which Seyi Makinde is among again said he’s someone who wants to be respected but does not respect anyone.

The candidate for Southwest chairmanship of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) stressed that Governor Seyi Makinde is the face of Southwest and the leader of the party.

He said this while Speaking with journalists over the weekend, the former Oyo Deputy Governor said it would be disheartening if the National Working Committee (NWC) of the party gives undue preference and recognition to the Fayose’s faction by postponing the planned March 6 Southwest congress.

“We all know the antecedents of Fayose their leader normally, a person with normal home training will not behave like that, castigating those who are older than you, always abusing this and that, those that are following him are even more decent than him, to be candid. How can you be following somebody like that?

“Well, like my governor (Makinde) said, those making noise are irritants. The face of the party is in one place. He (Fayose) also acknowledged Governor Seyi Makinde as the only PDP governor in the Southwest and by extension the leader of the party in Southwest but he was just trying to make himself the father of the fathers.

“For instance, when former President Olusegun Obasanjo visited Ooni of Ife, he prostrated for him even though Obasanjo could give birth to the Ooni. Prostrating for Ooni doesn’t reduce Obasanjo’s age or bring him down as an elder statesman that he is.

“So the face of PDP in Southwest is Governor Seyi Makinde, that is what God wants.

“So I don’t want to speak for the NWC but the leader of the party is in one place and the majority of the members of the party are in one place.

“If he doesn’t believe in what the party is doing, he should not be regarded as part of the party.

“Now he’s being rewarded for what he is doing. His passport has been released for him to travel. All they want to do is to polarise and destroy PDP and then move on to APC. So it is better they should just go now.”

“If truly one is part of a house, one should not be part of those that seek the destruction of that house.

“So if they are sincere and they want to reconcile because that’s the only way we can move and they will also recognise the ordained leader of the party.

“He (Fayose) has been a governor before and the leader of the party. So what is the matter now that Governor Seyi Makinde is the leader?

“Governor Makinde is the leader of the party in Oyo state and Southwest, that has been the tradition.

“This is someone who wants to be respected but does not respect anyone. He abuses Obasanjo, Bode George and anybody as if no one is older than him. He is not somebody I fancy at all. He even said he can stop Seyi Makinde.

“When God says yes, no one can say no. He has no moral, no etiquette, he has nothing.”

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