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Killers have joined our Party, Rauf Aregbesola


The Minister of Interior , Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, says killers have been admitted to the All Progressives Congress .
He , however , did not mention any alleged killers .
Aregbesola, who is the immediate past governor of Osun State, spoke at his Ifofin , Ward 8 , Ilesa East Local Government Area, on Friday after he revalidated his APC membership.

He said all manner of people could join the party , but advised that when the time comes for members to work together , people of shady character should be avoided .
Sources close to the former governor said the relationship between him and his successor , Adegboyega Oyetola had degenerated following the defection of some prominent people into the party in the state.
Sunday PUNCH learnt that Aregbesola’ s camp was displeased with the defection of a particular politician into the APC which the governor was said to have facilitated .
Aregbesola, who spoke in Yoruba in a video of the event obtained on Saturday , was joined by some party stalwarts , including those who served in his cabinet while in office as governor . He said he and his people would remain in the party , but would not relate with people of no good character.
Aregbesola also joined his supporters to sing some proverbial songs , which indicated that there were people who benefited from him while in office but had become ingrates.

Addressing his joyful supporters , he said , “Killers have joined our party and the law guiding our party doesn ’t say we can ’t admit them when a law court has not convicted them . You know the killers or you don ’t know them ?
“You know miscreants or you don’ t know miscreants? If we will be in the same party , we will not accept anything that will denigrate Bola Ige. He was our father . In this area , Bola Ige was our father .

“Are you happy that Bola Ige was killed ? I am a son to the late Bola Ige. Whoever denigrates Bola Ige is our enemy . Whoever wants to use Bola Ige ’s tomb to climb to a higher height would not achieve his aim. When we want to aspire for a position here, your name and antecedent will determine how you will be treated. ”

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