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“I Will Not Be A Candidate In This Election Cycle” – Kingsley Moghalu


Many political associates, supporters and other Nigerians have wondered over the past couple of weeks what my next steps will be since I resigned from my membership of the African Democratic Congress (ADC) on grounds of principle after the party’s recent presidential primaries.

I have reflected carefully on this question, considering the emerging dynamics of the presidential contest, the larger picture beyond my individual aspiration, and family considerations. My conclusions — and guidance for my teeming supporters across the country —are as follows:

  1. Invitations extended to me by a number of other political parties to still be presented as a presidential candidate in the 2023 general elections on their party platforms notwithstanding, I have opted not to be a candidate in this electoral cycle.

  2. My campaign was always based on a vision for our country as set out in my manifesto book Build, Innovate and Grow (BIG), and a desire to serve, not on any inordinate personal ambition.

  3. Nevertheless, I am humbled by the recognition of the strength and impact of my political brand in our country today by the parties that invited me to take their ticket.

  4. At this time, I have no plans to become a member of any other political party for the purpose of the 2023 general elections. However, I intend to remain keenly engaged in our country’s immediate future, including the elections, with contributions that are appropriate and could be helpful to nation-building.

  5. To my supporters who already have tickets from party primaries to contest for down-ballot electoral offices under the ADC, you have my full support for your electoral races and my prayers for your victory.

  6. To those who held tickets but resigned from the party in solidarity with me, and who still wish to contest elections, there are alternative avenues that can be explored.

  7. For those supporters and the general public who had intended to vote for me as a presidential candidate in the general elections had I emerged as one, I ask you to cast your support and ballot in the 2023 election to the candidate that comes closest to our shared vision of a Nigeria that is secured, united, and prosperous. The best chance to achieve this vision is under transformative leadership that represents a break from the old political order.

  8. A better Nigeria is possible. The journey to bring this vision into reality is a most urgent and essential one. Our children must experience a tomorrow that is much better than our today.

Thank you.

Kingsley Bosah Chiedu Ayodele Moghalu, Ph.D. OON FCIB
Ifekaego of Nnewi Kingdom

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