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Chikwe Udensi: Excess Consumption Of Alcohol Part Of Drug Abuse


Interpol Systems Consultant, Sir Chikwe Udensi has said excess consumption of alcohol is a form of drug abuse which adequate attention is not usually paid to.

According to him, alcohol utters the mind, gives a false sense of security to the abuser and increases urge to do the wrong thing.

Featuring on radio programme, Open Parliament on Love FM Umuahia on Wednesday which was also streamed live by ABN TV, Sir Udensi noted that drug abuse is not limited to hard drugs alone.

He expressed worry that over 70 percent of young people in rural areas are also involved in the use of drugs including marijuana, cocaine, ‘mkpuru miri’, pain killers, and others.

These he said have been catastrophic to the society, adding that they have been instrumental to the ills facing the society, particularly ritual killings, abduction, cultism, terrorism, and other social vices.

The APGA chieftain remarked that a recent security report revealed that in secondary schools today, the use of drugs has become very prevalent, as well as in homes and workplaces.

“What most countries of the world have done now is, if you are in public transportation, you cannot use any form of drug, not even alcohol.

“I hope you can see what is happening in the motor parks today, when the driver is waiting for his vehicle to be loaded, he is busy consuming alcohol.

“Alcohol we know is a mind utterer, it gives a false sense of safety. It will make one drive 50 miles an hour thinking you’re making 40 miles.

“These are the effects of alcohol. Unfortunately, we are not doing much in this area” he expressed.

Sir Udensi, therefore, called on the NDLEA to expand its tentacles to the local government areas and rural communities.

The governorship aspirant also said agencies responsible to regulate alcohol, tobacco, and firearms use are not in Nigeria unlike other parts of the world where such bodies are available.

He insisted that the consumption of drugs must be seriously regulated to save society from further ills.

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