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Atiku, Tinubu Shouldn’t Be President Of Nigeria – Big Brother Star, Pere Egbi


Its obvious Tinubu does not stand any chance of winning the election and especially against Atiku. During last elections Atiku was able to pull millions of vote both in the south and in the North and Buhari who has a cult figure in the North slightly edged him out,using power of incumbency.

Tinubu’s case is a workover for Atiku,if Tinubu picks a christian northerner then the largerly muslim north who hardly value yoruba muslims will largerly vote for their son Atiku.

The south east will not vote for Tinubu,a great number of south south indigenes will not vote Tinubu because he is seen to have betrayed southern unity during the 2015 elections,the middlebelt also has some grudges with Yorubas for their support for a Fulani muslim president against a christian minority(GEJ).

The northeast and northwest will certainly back Atiku their beloved son.

If Tinubu then decides to pick a Muslim northerner,that will be a suicide mission,muslim muslim ticket in present day Nigeria,is dead on arrival. The largely northern muslims will still vote Atiku their son and they mostly christian south will spit on Tinubu.
So for Tinubu either way,is a lose-lose situation.

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