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2023: Oby Ezekwesili Tells Emefiele To Resign


The Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria @cenbank must now immediately tender his resignation to stop further destroying whatever little remains of the country’s monetary policy reputation. Mr Emefele should leave immediately- tonight- to pursue his ill-fated political career.

I just read your waffling neither-here-nor-there tweet reacting to news of your payment of N100M for the APC Nomination form for 2023 Presidential election. Seems you did not read what the APC Spokesperson said to ⁦@Bloomberg⁩ . Resign. Stop embarrassing the country. Stop.

@GodwinIEmefiele This is for you. Time to end your low-grade hide and seek game that dangerously toys with the monetary authority of this country and its people. Resign.
It is legitimate aspiration to seek to be President of Nigeria but resign from @cenbank to go pursue it.

I constantly remind especially the Monetary (Central Banks) authorities of African countries that considering incontrovertible evidence that Inflation is the greatest enemy of the Poor, they must give their best to holding it down. But what have we seen with Political @cenbank?

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